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3M Immigration Consultants deals in the field of study visa, tourist visa, work visa, recruitment services and other matters related to the immigration. In very short span of time company has made its place value and gained good will which the result of the hard work of co-operative staff.

3M Immigration Consultants is specialized in providing study visa for Australia, Canada, NewZealand, UK, USA, & Europe. Over Years, the success rate of our visa application and Visas have reached to the heights. Our directors have huge experience in the vast field of immigration where every file is processed under their supervision with expert suggestions.

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Study Visa

Providing students with one-stop access to the best educational institutions across the globe based on their aspirations, academic profile, study goals.


Tourist Visa

Using our system, we have simplified the complicated process of obtaining a visitor visa. We will file a fullproof application for you so you won't be excluded.


Work Visa

With 3M Immigration Consultants advise you on your opportunities to work and live in abroad. Our experts will help you with questions about job search, visa, recognition.


Recruitment Services

With 3M Immigration Consultants Recruitment Services, you can not only find the right opportunities for you but also get the tools and experience to ensure your success.

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3M Immigration Consultants has more than five years of experience and has helped thousands of individuals and families with their immigration process. Through all these years, our team has remained committed to providing personalized consultancy services to all our clients, whether they meet in person, over a phone call or via email.

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Direct Recruitment

We help employers globally to take care of their HR Services requirements with the help of our team of experts & also hires top-notch Indian talent.

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Faster Processing

Urgency is when you are travelling for Tourism, Business or Medical reasons and cannot wait for long delays for issue of Indian Visa. Our team help you to get visa faster.

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Visa Assistance

Our trained visa experts provide customers with step-by-step assistance on preparing their Visas application.

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Our service fee is reasonable and competitive for the personalized quality of service we provide.

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Guidance for preparing all kinds of visas

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